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CFT Carbon Fiber Technologies

Roles: Prototype manufacturing

CFT is specializing in manufacturing products with the use of carbon fibers and composite materials, and in developing novel composite materials. It has proven experience on the production of prototype experimental ground and aerial vehicles, such as high-performance racing cars. As a part of its research and industrial activities, CFT also provides production of ethylene polymers, services related to experimental metal technologies, new products feasibility studies, and the certification of aluminum systems in collaboration with the IFT Rosenheim research center. To support the cutting-edge research activities CFT features modern equipment and infrastructure, including a state-of-the-art composite materials autoclave, dedicated sanding/refinement and dyeing rooms, a clean room and a specialized air-conditioned storage room to store prepreg fibers.

CFT is responsible for the construction of DELAER UAV.

More information at www.cft.gr