The goal

The main goal of the DELAER research project is the design, development, manufacturing and flight testing of a prototype Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (UAS), which will provide direct support to Greek isolated territories and islands, via aerial delivery of lifesaving supplies and dedicated equipment. The system will be based on a large-scale, autonomous, fixed-wing, novel Blended Wing Body (BWB) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) configuration, as well as a portable ground control station (GCS).

The mission
The DELAER RX-3 mission involves taking off from the base of operations, cruising to the point of interest for up to 65km, payload delivery either via airdrop or airland, and cruising back to the base or another predefined location. Airdrop capability and a short takeoff distance are incorporated to the design, to facilitate delivery to locations lacking a dedicated runway, as well as at sea.

The payload
RX-3 payload has been selected to support a wide range of humanitarian missions (life rafts, medical equipment, provisions etc.). The requirement for a life raft, the largest and heaviest of the possible payload items, dictates the maximum payload weight (50 kg) and cargo bay dimensions (300x400x700 mm) of the UAV.